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Rocky Top Crossfit banished every negative thought I had about myself.

“When I began crossfit I was intimidated by every aspect of it. I was full of fear, self consciousness, embarrassment and the terrible question “Will I ever be a real crossfitter?” Rocky Top Crossfit banished every negative thought I had about myself. From the amazing building that holds RTCF to the uplifting staff and members, it has become more of a second home than a gym. Rocky Top has given me true friendships, the self confidence I never thought I’d have and the ability to conquer anything(mentally and physically). I have had many days of crying and frustration when workouts didn’t go as planned- I have found those days are more important than the good days. At RTCF I have learned if you don’t fail, you are not working hard enough. All of the lessons I have learned through grueling workouts have transferred to everyday life; they have made me a stronger student, friend and all around person. RTCF has given me flaming self respect; I am proud of my muscle, my scars, callouses and excessive amounts of protein and gym clothes. Rocky Top has taught me to put myself out there and challenge myself, which has made me a competitive athlete. I believe everyone should break through their comfort zone and try competing. The experience of competition is very valuable and makes you want to push yourself harder; to throw the extra weight on the bar to get a spot on the leaderboard. Rocky Top has improved my life tremendously and has given me the sense of belonging I had been searching for.”


I started coming to Rocky Top when they first opened in May 2014, and it has been one of the BEST things I’ve  ever done!

“I grew up playing soccer, swimming, and running.  My whole family is really active; when we were little we would have races across our front yard and push up contests to see who was the best.  I played various sports throughout high school, but once I got to college it was harder to find ways to stay active.  I tried going to the gym a lot, but it got really repetitive and boring.  It was hard to exercise regularly because I couldn’t stay motivated or find ways to challenge myself.  I started coming to Rocky Top when they first opened in May 2014, and it has been one of the BEST things I’ve  ever done.  All of the coaches do an incredible job and they make everyone feel at home as soon as they walk into the gym.  It’s easy to see how much they care about everyone. It’s an incredible community of people who have pushed and encouraged me every day.  The programming is constantly challenging me and keeping me on my toes, and I’ve learned how to push myself to do things I never thought I could. It’s been so fun to watch Rocky Top grow and develop over the past year.  The gym has grown, but the environment has continued to be as inviting and encouraging as the first day I walked in.”


The Coaches explain everything perfectly. Everyone is friendly and helpful!

“I wanted to try climbing the rope for the first time in years, and I was a little embarrassed that I couldn’t remember to wrap my feet around the rope. But they were patient and really helped. I got my first rope climb in years! Then when I got too tired, the coaches made sure I knew how to do the substitute exercise so I could still get a good workout safely. This place is all about team work. If you feel like you can’t push yourself, they motivate you; you are part of a team. Even though the workouts are timed, it isn’t about rushing through it; it’s about pushing yourself to be a better you. Try it out! Everyone has their own struggles, but you learn to work through them and come out stronger than before”


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