Tristar Weightlifting is a group that specializes in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.  We are attentive coaches with competition experience that want nothing more than to share our love of Weightlifting with you.  This includes the individual who intends to compete as an athlete, in our sport or theirs, or for novices merely looking for a way to get in shape.  We have learned coaching in person from the best in Weightlifting, including Jim Schmitz, Bob Takano, and Danny Camargo, as well as experts in other disciplines, like Chris Duffin and Julien Pineau.

Weightlifters are unique in their ability to generate explosive power while displaying exemplary strength, stability, balance, flexibility, body awareness, and mental tenacity.  Many athletes choose Weightlifting to give them the edge in their sport, but we find that most people just enjoy the challenge it poses and the progress they see.  Additionally, Weightlifting boasts one of the lowest injury rates in the world of athletics, and actually makes the body more resilient as it adapts to handling heavy weights.

We have extensive experience training beginners, and excel at teaching the key lifts from the ground up.  We are happy to teach you the fundamentals through personal training sessions or intermittent seminar, but we would recommend a beginner seek out a group training option, as Olympic Weightlifting is truly a team sport at its essence.

Experienced lifters are encouraged to join our Weightlifting team, where we be provide coaching and programming three times a week while fostering a positive atmosphere to bolster training together and supporting one another.  This includes travel to local meets with a full coaching staff at your service, as well as access to equipment anytime the gym is open.  We also provide individualized programming depending on your needs.

For experienced lifters who are only looking for a space to lift, we can arrange a use of facilities option for you as well at a greatly reduced price!  You will have access to all of our Weightlifting equipment, along with other odds and ends to include: barbells, platforms, benches, squat stands, blocks, kettlebells, dumbbells, sandbags, a sled with accessories, and a yoke.  You are welcome to train anytime the gym is open: not just during class hours.

Please check out our option descriptions below, or send us your questions if you want to arrange something specific or are looking for more details!


Use of facilities

m2m agreement

You are welcome to use our equipment anytime the gym is open and weightlifting class is not in session.  This includes: barbells, platforms, benches, squat stands, blocks, kettlebells, dumbbells, sandbags, a sled with accessories, and a yoke.

$49 /month

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Personal Training

Per session

Work one on one with a coach to address your individual weaknesses, injury rehabilitation, or to learn the Olympic lifts from the ground up in a private setting.  This is a good option to learn the fine details that will take your barbell movements to the next level, or to address detailed video review of your lifts.

$50 /session

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Tristar Weightlifting Team


Weightlifting training the way that it should be.  Lifting in a team environment that promotes weightlifting culture, etiquette, and encouragement.  This option includes coaching, programming, and everything associated with competition in the sport of weightlifting.  The team will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 9am.  Each training session typically runs from 1.5 to 2 hours long.  Team members are often there during other times of the week if these hours don’t work for you, but coaching isn’t guaranteed outside of class hours.  Affiliate pricing is for current Rocky Top CrossFit members, or other affiliates. 

$120/$49 (Affiliate member) per month

*military/fire/police discounted rate of $79/mo

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The Art of Weightlifting

6 week course

Join us for a six week course in Olympic weightlifting, from the details of the fundamentals to mastery of more technical aspects.

$249/$189 (Affiliate member)

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