Should I do the Open WODs twice?

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I get this question year after year. And it’s a good question. Here’s my take:

First things first (and this is Erin writing this), allow me to talk about myself. I’m 34 years old, I have a lot going on at my job, I’m not a competitive athlete, and this is my 8th CrossFit Open. On top of all that, I’m a pretty confident person (as evidenced by the fact that I stand in front of a crowd multiple times a day and tell them exactly what I think of them). So when I fire the Open WOD on Fridays, I go in with a plan, I stick to that plan, and I go ALL OUT…knowing that I absolutely, positively have zero intention of repeating the WOD. One and done. I give it my all, and then I put it behind me.

If any of the above resonates with you in the least, then you should also plan to do the Open WOD only once.

I used to strongly suggest that EVERYONE only fire the Open WOD once (and, gun to my head, this would still be my recommendation), but I’ve adjusted my stance a bit.

Because as it turns out, not everyone is like me. (I know, I was shocked too.) Some people will do the Open WODs twice.*

Some athletes feel anxious about each Open WOD and want to give it an 80% “dry run” the first time, knowing that they’ll refine their strategy and go into it with more confidence on their refire. Others just love the thrill of all-out intensity, and crave the opportunity to hit that 5th gear more than once a week. And if this is you, ya know what? – that’s great. This is YOUR Open. You should do whatever makes you feel that you gave it everything you’ve got.

(My only words of warning here are: Know thyself. Are you truly the type of person who can 100% recover in two days and repeat all-out intensity? And then do it again four days later, and maintain that grind for an entire 5 weeks? The Open should be the highlight of your CrossFit year. It should be 5 weeks that you enjoy. It shouldn’t leave you crippled, burnt out, or dreading February 2019. Know thyself. And prioritize fun.) If fun for you means firing the WOD on Friday, and then cranking Kid Rock to 11 and refiring each Monday, then I am there for you all the way.


*As far as the RTCF Intramural Open goes, you’ll only accrue points by completing the Open WOD on Fridays. But all throughout the Open, you’ll have the opportunity to do the WOD a second time, on Mondays. You can do this if you want a shot at improving your score on the worldwide leaderboard.




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