Knoxville Friday Night Lights 2017

By February 7, 2017 No Comments

Knoxville Friday Night Lights is gearing up again and looking to be better than ever!

These weekly events during the CrossFit Open are a chance for Knoxville area CrossFitters to get together, mingle, and throw down. It’s an opportunity for hosting and co-hosting gyms to showcase their boxes and awesome coaching staff. It’s the time of year when Knoxville area CrossFitters come together as a cohesive community to prove that we truly are stronger, happier, better – together. Untitled

So, break free of the comfort zone of your home box, and come bask in the sheer glorious numbers of our functional fitness community. Each week, you can expect:

  • Organized heats of athletes running continuously all evening
  • Trained judges ready to keep you honest and official
  • A high-energy atmosphere guaranteed to hype you up for a PR performance!
  • Food trucks
  • Informational booths, retail, and often Physical Therapists and/or chiropractors to keep you feeling good

Mark your calendars for this year’s hosting locations:

Feb. 24 – CrossFit Ktown w/ South Landing CrossFit, CrossFit Bearden
Mar. 3 – CrossFit Rhema w/ CrossFit Courageous
Mar. 10 – CrossFit One Valley w/ Rocky Top CrossFit
Mar. 18 (Saturday) – CrossFit Knoxville West w/ CrossFit Farragut, Scruffy City CrossFit; 1-3pm
Mar. 24 – CrossFit First Creek w/ Red Devil CrossFit


Rocky Top Crossfit
1412 N 6th Ave
Knoxville, TN 37917

P: (865) 599-2527