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February Athlete of the Month: Jason Martin

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You guys, it is getting SO hard for the coaches to pick just one athlete to showcase each month. Rocky Top athletes work so hard, and we’re proud of all of you. But this one is long overdue…

Congratulations, Jason Martin! – February Rocky Top CrossFit athlete of the month!!

Jason and his wife, Alice, came to us in Nov 2014 after their old box closed. In some idle chitchat, I asked Alice back then how long they’d been doing CrossFit. She answered, “Over two years,” then laughed to herself and added, “Not that you can tell.” Well Alice, I want to say publicly – you’re wrong; we CAN tell!
I could go on about this power couple: how Alice has been kicking ass in the gym all throughout her second pregnancy, how Jason & Alice coordinate their schedules so that they watch their two year-old for each other, ensuring each one gets time to crush it in the gym.
But – this is Jason’s time to shine. 😉

Jason works out at 5:30am. All.the.time. And not because Jason just LoVeS being up before the crack of dawn. He does it because that’s his only time to get in a workout, and he doesn’t make excuses. Now, being at the box at 5:30amall the time is commendable enough. But Jason CRUSHES. Silently and humbly. You won’t even know something special is happening until he racks the bar, shrugs with a half smile, and admits, “I think that was a PR.” And Jason’s fooling himself if he thinks the coaches and other athletes haven’t noticed the “RX” button lit up next to his WOD scores more and more these days.
Jason’s the quiet and dedicated WOD killer. And that why he’s this month’s AOM. Congrats, Jason! We’re glad you’re part of our community!


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