CrossFitters of Knoxville Seminar Series: 2016 Year in Review

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2016 brought some serious knowledge bombs our way! Which seminar made the biggest impact for you?

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In April, Mark Lane invited us to CrossFit Ktown and schooled us on the most efficient way to blast our way through rowing WODs.


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                               Crissy Glarrow fixed our kip and flipped us upside down at her gymnastics seminar in May at the new CrossFit Farragut location.


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Ever tweaked your shoulders? Hopefully you caught Julie Lueking’s seminar in June at Rocky Top CrossFit on how to bullet-proof your shoulders!


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     If you’re like me, you thought kettlebells weren’t all that intricate…then you got your mind blown by Jonathan Moorehead at his kettlebell seminar in July at CrossFit Knoxville North, and came away with tips and tricks that changed the game in kettlebell WODs.

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Athletes came out in droves to improve their snatch set-up at Matt Dembo’s August Snatch seminar part I at Rocky Top CrossFit.



                                         In September, we got to fine tune our snatches again with Grant Scalf’s Snatch seminar part II at CrossFit Ktown.



We closed out the year, not with a bang, but with a light, quick footstep at the running seminar with Grant Scalf and Erin Hall at the new home of Rocky Top CrossFit.

At $10 a pop, you could have absorbed ALL this knowledge for a total of $70. Not too shabby, considering you spent more than that on athletic tape last year. Don’t miss out on all the opportunities coming your way this year:


Let’s get our New Year learn on! – Join Grant Scalf at CrossFit Ktown on Sunday, January 29 at 9:00am to dissect the Jerk and come away with techniques that will lead you to your next PR! Register here




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Are you a coach who would like to host a seminar? Are you an athlete with a burning desire for more knowledge on a specific topic? Message Erin through the CrossFitters of Knoxville Seminar Series Facebook page, and we’ll make it happen.

See you on Jan 29!


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